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River Valley Groom & Board came to be because of direct feedback from our clients at River Valley Veterinary Service. Since the beginning, River Valley Veterinary Service had provided dog and cat boarding in the Prior Lake, MN area. In the early 2000’s the new rage in dog boarding became play groups and doggy daycare. We could see the benefits for dogs to get out of their kennels during the day and get exercise. The dogs were better behaved and slept really well at night because they were tired! So, we told our clients about these new facilities and sent them off to experience the fun of playgroups. Then in 2011 our clients started sharing feedback with us. They told us that they loved the idea of their dogs playing all day, but found that most of the facilities were “big box”, housing anywhere from 80 – 120 dogs. It was noisy and extremely busy. These clients wished that River Valley Veterinary Service still offered dog and cat boarding, they longed for a more personal touch on a smaller scale. We listened and we acted!

Dr. Bruce Viren and Dr. Cindy Sellin began touring facilities all over the metro area, picking and choosing from the best they could find. In March of 2012 River Valley Veterinary Service broke ground and began construction of River Valley Groom & Board. This beautiful facility opened in November of 2012 and is connected directly to the veterinary hospital, completely staffed with veterinary professionals. The goal was to create a great facility for dogs, cats and their pet parents. A “home away from home” for both dogs and cats when their pet parents went on vacation. Please take a tour through our website and learn more about why your dog or cat wants you to make a reservation at River Valley Groom & Board today! While you are there, click to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Learn all about the other services we offer such as Doggy DayCare, our Preferred Puppy Package, grooming for dogs and cats, obedience training and so much more. Come visit us for a tour of both River Valley Groom & Board and River Valley Veterinary Service and get a free box of treats, just for visiting!


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River Valley Veterinary Service and River Valley Groom and Board Tour

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