At River Valley Groom & Board we strive to offer the best experience for you and your pets while here for grooming.

Our state of the art salon features new hydraulic lift tables that offer safe and stable support for your pet as well as easy access.  The new Hydro Surge tub and bathing system is therapeutic and fast for a stress free and pleasant bathing experience while achieving optimum cleanliness.  While there is a conventional velocity dryer, we also utilize our quieter kennel dryers to make the drying process a positive experience.  We maintain, clean and sanitize all grooming equipment for your pet’s safety.

At River Valley Groom and Board we are not a high volume salon.  By limiting the number of Professional Groomers and the number of pets per day, we are scheduled for we are able to ensure a calm and safe environment where each pet can have the personal care and attention they deserve.  We only employ experienced Professional Groomers on the salon staff, so whether your pet is having a full groom, a bath, or simply coming in for a nail trim, a Professional Stylist will be catering to your pets needs.  Your pets’ comfort is very important to us, so we will always take the grooming pets out to relieve themselves in our safe and enclosed Pottio during their stay with us.

River Valley Groom & Board is conveniently located at River Valley Veterinary Service where experienced veterinary staff is always available for any medical needs your pet have.  You can rest assured that your pet is always being cared for by experienced veterinary staff.  Your pet can see their veterinarian and be groomed in one stop.  Whether it is a prescheduled appointment or a concern one of our Professional Groomers notice during their grooming visit, they can be cared for by our staff.

The staff at River Valley Groom & Board would be honored to provide Professional Grooming services for your dog or cat, please give us a call today to schedule!

Call:    952.447.4118

Online Request:
Request a Grooming Appointment

Your request will be sent to us via email. We will review your request and return your call within 24 hours or by Monday if your request comes in over the weekend.

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