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We strive to provide excellent care by offering well pet exams.  This provides us an opportunity to examine your pet at least once per year, in order to ensure that your pet stays healthy.  We share the most current information in veterinary care with you through your visits to our clinic, our website, and our blogs and our Facebook page .

Puppy/Kitten Consults (7 weeks-1 year)- All puppies and kittens are seen at monthly intervals.  These consults include a full examination and education on your growing pet.  The consults are done at the approximate ages of 8, 12, and 16 weeks and include vaccinations.  Puppies are given Distemper (DA2PP) at each visit and Rabies at the final visit.  Based on your puppy’s future lifestyle additional vaccines may be given, including Bordetella, Lyme, and Leptospirosis.  Each puppy is dewormed, and started on appropriate parasite prevention, again based on the individual pup’s lifestyle.  Kittens are given Distemper (FVRP) at each visit and Rabies at the final visit.  Again based on the lifestyle for your kitten a Feline Leukemia vaccine may be given, and parasite prevention will be discussed. Socialization of your puppy is very important to the overall health and development. We recommend that all puppies enroll in our Pups ‘R Us class.

Wellness (1-6 years)- Wellness exams are recommended annually for healthy adult pets.  These exams are comprehensive to look for any medical problems that may be developing.  A full oral exam is performed to look at the pet’s dental health, and a dental cleaning may need to be scheduled.  Nutrition, parasite prevention, and vaccine options are discussed based on the pet’s lifestyle and recommendations are then made.   Laboratory tests that are a part of this visit include fecal testing for intestinal parasites, and wellness blood screening.

Seniors (pets 7 years and older)- Our senior pets have special needs as they age.  To address these needs we recommend performing twice yearly wellness exams.  This detects aging related problems early.  Annual blood screening reveals internal organ or metabolic changes early when treatment is more effective.  Treating dental disease continues to be very important in our older pets, so a full oral exam will be performed and a dental cleaning scheduled if needed.  Vaccines, nutrition, and parasite prevention will be discussed based on your pet’s individual lifestyle needs.

Behavior-Some pets develop behavior problems such as inappropriate elimination and separation anxiety. Depending on the level of the behavioral problem an exam can be performed at the clinic or referred to a local veterinary behavior specialist.  Appropriate behavior modification can be recommended.  In some cases medication is also prescribed.

Acute Care/Urgent Care-  We are always here for you should you experience an after hours emergency. When you call our main number of 952.447.4118 after hours you will be greeted by a live operator at our answering service. This person will text the doctor on call with your name, phone number and a brief description of your emergency. Our doctor on call will then call you back, so stay close to the phone. We can also be reached after hours via our River Valley Veterinary app.

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