Saying goodbye to your pet family members

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Your pets are a huge part of your family. At RVVS, we understand the difficulty in having to say goodbye to a loved one. We are here to create a safe place and offer the best options for you and your family during this difficult time.

How do I know it’s time? This is a tough question and each situation is very different. Here are a few helpful readings that may provide a little insight into helping you make the best and most informed decision for your four-legged family members.

AVMA Pet Euthanasia:


OSU, Quality of Life Scale:

Specific Services: Euthanasia can be performed here at our clinic in a quiet, peaceful manner, or one of our veterinarians can come to your home where surroundings are familiar for your pet. Whom you choose to be there during this time is entirely up to you. With gentle care and patience, one of our veterinarians and a technician will walk you through the steps of what will happen and let you take the time you need to say goodbye.


After Life Care: Once all family members have said their goodbyes, there are few options to be considered for caring for the earthly remains:

  • At home burial, please see local ordinances for recommended burial recommendations
  • Mass cremation, the body is taken with us back to RVVS and no ashes are returned
  • Individual cremation, the body is taken back to RVVS and ashes are returned to you

Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean “we’ll miss you” until you meet again. With that in mind, to show our support during this difficult time we create a beautiful clay imprint paw for you in memory of your beloved four-legged family member.


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