End of Life

Saying goodbye to your pet family members

Our pets have become family members and we here at RVVS acknowledge the difficulty in saying goodbye to a loved one.  As a veterinary clinic within the community, we want to offer the personal best options in regards to how each family can say goodbye.

How Do I Know It’s Time: There are a few resources and helpful readings that may provide insight in helping make decisions for your four legged family members.


AVMA Pet Euthansia


OSU, Quality of Life Scal

Specific Services: Euthanasia can be performed here in the clinic in a quiet, peaceful manner or we can come to your home with familiar surroundings and plentiful family members. Upon arrival, any paperwork that needs to be completed will be resolved.  With gentle care and patience, a veterinarian and nurse will place an intravenous catheter. At the appropriate time, a light sedative will be given to help relax your pet.  Once the family member(s) have acknowledged their preparedness of saying goodbye, the veterinary team will administer an overdose of an anesthetic medication. This overdose will eventually turn the brain off and subsequently the heart.

After Life Care:
Once all family members have given their goodbyes, the pet’s remaining body can be cared with the following options:

  1. At home burial, please see local ordinances for recommended burial recommendations
  2. Mass cremation, the body is taken with us back to RVVS and no ashes are returned
  3. Individual cremation, the body is taken back to RVVS and ashes are returned to you
  4. Outside of burial and cremation, we offer making a clay imprint paw.

Schedule: Currently 2 of our doctors are available for at home euthanasia. We prefer to have these scheduled but do work around sensitive time areas.

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