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How can I prevent periodontal disease in my pet?


Daily brushing of your pets’ teeth is the best defense against periodontal disease. A soft bristled brush or fingertip brush works well. We carry a variety of flavored veterinary approved toothpastes to use including beef, vanilla mint, poultry and seafood. Please do not use human toothpaste or baking soda.



Specially formulated preventive dental diets for dogs and cats can reduce tartar and plaque by 50% or more. Regular, dry foods actually provide very little cleaning action since the pieces of food shatter when chewed, never reaching the gum line where gingivitis and periodontal disease develop. But dental diets are different. The internal structure of these unique foods has been altered in such a way that the tooth penetrates the piece; at the same time, the fiber is laid parallel to the surface, resulting in a very effective “squeegee” action all the way down to the gums.


Yummy Chews

We have two very popular options for your dog. We recommend giving your dog one chew each day to help prevent periodontal disease. For cats we recommend Feline Greenies – the dental treats that cats love!

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