Doggy Daycare

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Looking to reserve time in our Doggy Daycare? Please call us at (952) 440-7842 (RVGB)

Home is where your dog always runs to greet you, but if home isn’t an option there’s always doggy daycare!

Doggy Daycare is offered Monday-Friday and includes a variety of activities to make playtime fun while providing great exercise for your best friend!

We offer two play groups per day with nap time and lunch in-between. Drop your buddy off in the morning and return in the afternoon to pick up your exercised, refreshed, and rested dog!


  • One on One – $38.00/day
  • Play as You Go – $38.00/day
  • Play as You Go (Half-day) – $25.00/day
  • 5 Day Flex Package – $175.00 ($35.00/day)
  • 10 Day Prescheduled Package – $300.00 ($30.00/day)

    What are the benefits of doggy daycare?

    We know that it is important for puppies and dogs to receive social interaction, stimulation, and exercise in a supervised environment. We provide safe indoor and outdoor facilities where your furry friend stays active and engaged while you are away!

    At River Valley Groom and Board, we promote a healthy environment, so your dog is happier, healthier, and better behaved. Your dog will get the exercise he needs to be well rested, so that when he comes home, he won’t display behaviors caused by boredom, such as chewing, digging, and barking. Our veterinary care staff attends to the smallest details of your pet’s needs for a stimulating and socializing experience.

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