Dog Nail Care

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Dog Nail Care Download The PDF Clipping your dog’s nails is generally a simple routine, like combing their coat, brushing their teeth, cleaning their ears and bathing.  These all should be continual positive experiences that should be familiarized, trained, and worked since puppyhood.  Trimming nails is not as difficult as people imagine.  [...]

Trupanion Testimonial Flyer

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Insurance? For My Pet?Yes! Here’s Why! Download The PDF We haven't had the best luck with our pets' health in the past, but have never had pet insurance. When we brought our new mini Golden Retriever puppy Quinn in for his first puppy well-check, River Valley Veterinary Service made us aware of [...]

Leptospirosis Prevention

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Leptospirosis Prevention Download The PDF What is leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can affect people, companion animals, livestock, and wildlife. The disease is transmitted by direct contact, like bite wounds, and indirect contact, most commonly by contact with stagnant water contaminated with the urine of infected animals. The disease [...]

House breaking your puppy

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House Breaking Download The PDF If you’re having some problems house breaking your puppy, you’re not alone. Some dogs train more easily than others. The sooner your puppy begins the “patterns” of house breaking the better, so that bad habits don’t develop and become a permanent problem. Here are some suggestions: CRATE [...]

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