Cat Boarding

Mew with a View is purrr-fect for your feline friends!

Every cat is offered Individual playtime each day in “the Jungle”, where cat dreams become true. Our goal is to provide plenty of enriching activities for each feline guest. Our Raintree Cat Condos can be easily enlarged to accommodate an entire family of cats and feature the most modern concept in cat accommodations: Glass fronts, constant ventilation, calming feline aroma therapy, private spaces and room to climb.

Check in on your pet with our boarding cameras

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What’s included in your cats stay?

  • Breakfast and Dinner options of Science Diet Maintenance dry food or varieties of Fancy Feast canned (or you can bring your cat’s regular diet)
  • Kitty Litter options of Clumpable or Plain Clay
  • Comfy, washable bedding
  • Individual time out in the cat room



  • Mew with a View – $29.50/day
  • Additional cat – $19.50/day

Additional Services

  • Additional R&R/S&P Session – $9.00/time
  • Medications – $3.00/time
  • Diabetic Care – $12.00/day
  • Nail Trim and File – $11.50-$21.50
  • Grooming – Varies
  • Veterinary Services – Varies

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