Dec 2017
Important Guidelines for Adopting a pet

If you’re thinking about adopting a new pet this holiday season, think carefully about your decision and follow these important guidelines. – A pet should never be adopted on impulse or given as a surprise. – Make sure the pet is a good fit for your lifestyle, home and activity level. Educate yourself about the demands of feeding, grooming, exercise and health care before investing in a pet. – Be sure you have the financial resources to care for your pet and any unexpected medical needs. – Select a pet from a......

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Oct 2017
It’s Coming!

As dog owners, we’ve all heard the term heartworm disease from our veterinarian. For some of us, we are in complete understanding of what the disease is and give the monthly preventative, religiously. But for most of us, life is life and on occasion we forgot, or my wife was supposed to give it, or even I thought I gave it but looks like I didn’t. There’s plenty of reasons for how we innocently forget to give the heartworm preventative; however, now more than ever there is more cause to put the......

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Jun 2017
Canine Flu Alert!

What you need to know about canine influenza. Click here to schedule an appointment. Canine Flu has been in the US for several years, and there are 2 strains of flu (H3N2 and H3N8). There has been a recent outbreak in the US, and there are reported cases in Minnesota. We are not aware of any cases at RVVS at this time. Canine flu is a very contagious upper respiratory virus, easily spread among dogs. Dogs most at risk include those that spend time with other dogs; at the dog park, boarding and......

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Oct 2016
Say It Isn’t So…

Say it isn’t so… Fall is the time of year when the horse ‘recreational’ season is wrapping up and we all are looking forward to quiet weekends with less travel. This time of year is also a great aid in reflection on both you and your horse’s progress. While for most of us it seems that there are more steps backwards in a ride than forward, reflection is where we do get to see those strides forward. Be proud of any step that hadn’t occurred in years past…whether that’s rounding a barrel......

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