Mar 2018
Preventing Heartworm

Your pet has just been diagnosed with heartworms. Now what? Unfortunately for our feline friends, the “now what” involves either supportive care to help them clear the infection or surgery to remove at least some of the heartworms. There are currently no approved treatments for heartworm infection in cats. For our canine companions, “now what” focuses on eliminating both adult and immature heartworms safely and successfully, preventing new infection and minimizing complications of the drug treatment. Before treatment begins, your dog may be prescribed steroids and antibiotics. The antibiotics are a preventive......

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Jan 2018
The Great Dog Food Search

As a veterinarian, I find the pet food industry beyond overwhelming and unfortunately at times a bit manipulative. Prior to the development of this billion dollar industry, it was a much simpler time… Long are the days of picking up pet food at the local supermarket and not so welcoming are the days of ordering super-secret, expensive recipes over the internet.  While having options is great for commerce, it too can be a bit confusing. This blog will attempt to answer the burning question…what food should I feed my dog or cat?......

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Dec 2017
Holiday Season

We all enjoy the magic of the holiday season … delicious food, flickering candles, beautifully-wrapped packages and bright, twinkling lights. But please remember that many of these signs of merriment can be a danger to furry friends. Pets are curious by nature, and any new or different things that appear in their home are sure to get checked out by them. Besides the fire and shock hazard of candles and electric lights, many decorations can be ingested or have small pieces that can cause choking. And a lot of the yummiest holiday......

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Dec 2017
Safe Pet Toys

Selecting the right toy is the first step to preventing unexpected illnesses or injuries during playtime. But your work isn’t done once the toy is handed off to your pet. Pet parents have a responsibility to keep the toys they give their pets free of wear and tear that could pose a risk to a pet’s health and well-being. Your pet’s toys will go a long way if you choose durable toys that can withstand your pet’s rough play and are free of bells and bangles that can come loose and pose......

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