We’re all spending more time at home, and while this change of routine hasn’t been easy, our pets are definitely reaping the benefits!

Social distancing is rough, but it’s made better with our favorite pals by our side. The veterinarians at River Valley strongly encourage you to take this time and bond with your pet — without having to leave your home! (Keeping in mind, of course, that outdoor walks are still extremely important!)

Here are some easy tips for spending quality time with your dog or cat:

  • What sounds better for stress relief than a good old cuddle fest? Nothing! Curl up on the couch, pile on the pillows and blankets, and snuggle in.
  • Give ’em a good scratch. Take a few minutes and treat your pet to a nice back scratch. Make sure to get those hard to reach areas too, like behind their ears and under their chin!
  • Include your pets in your routine. Working from home can be tough with a barking dog or a curious cat, but there are ways to make them feel involved without it impacting your workspace! Move your pet’s bed closer to your desk, encouraging them to nap near you. Take frequent short breaks to give them a little attention. Give them a treat when they behave well during one of your video meetings to encourage good behavior.
  • Give them the spa treatment. There’s never been a better time for a bath! Treat your pet to a spa day. Using pet safe shampoos and soaps, lather them up and dry them with a nice fluffy towel. Maybe even let them run around the house a little longer than usual afterward. Why not?
  • Bring them into your home workout. You and your pet can both get your exercise in — from your living room! You can find many at-home workout routines online that include your pet (Don’t worry — they won’t be doing anything intense. It’s all in good fun!) This is a great supplement to going for daily walks.
  • Play a classic game of fetch. If you have a big enough space in your home, playing fetch indoors can be easily achieved. This is a fun, engaging way of entertaining both your pet and you!
  • Get creative with household items! Save big cardboard boxes for your cat to climb around in, find step-by-step tutorials online for making safe dog toys, or even just break out the yarn for your kitten!

How have you been enjoying quality time with your pet? Share your favorite photos with us on social media.

More importantly, if you have any pet care questions during these uncertain times, don’t hesitate to give the River Valley Veterinary Service team a call at (952) 447-4118.


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