Health and wellness are top of mind for everyone right now. At the same time, Minnesota’s weather is changing from the harshness of winter to the warmth of spring.

The shift in temperature is definitely welcome, but there are many things pertaining to your pet’s health that you should be aware of as we prepare to enter spring.

  • Seasonal allergies. Pets can get allergies too! If you notice an increase in sneezing or itchiness from your pet, contact your veterinarian at River Valley for advice.
  • Flea and tic prevention. Your pets may be spending more time outdoors as the weather warms. Make sure they are up-to-date on their preventative medication.
  • Be aware of exercise injuries. As pets spend more time outdoors and becoming increasingly active, exercise-related injuries can occur. Keep an eye on your pet after they spend time outside for any strange behavior such as limping, and contact your River Valley Vet.
  • Coronavirus concerns. We understand that it is an overwhelming time in the world when it comes to public health. While we can’t speak on human transmission of COVID-19, can relay the following information sent from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health on March 6: “At this time, there is no evidence dogs, cats, or other household pets can spread COVID-19. To date, there have been no reports of pets or other animals becoming infected with COVID-19 in the U.S.
    The CDC is recommending that people who are sick with COVID-19 limit their contact with pets and other animals, just as they would restrict contact with other household members. This conservative approach helps protect pets and other animals.”
    If you have further questions regarding COVID-19, contact the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-5414.

Questions or concerns? Give River Valley Veterinary Services a call at 952-447-4118.


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