Matchless Mutt-I-Grees

Matchless Mutt-I-Grees

Today’s a day to mix it up! Share the one-of-a-kind love of mixed-breed dogs on National Mutt Day, July 31. Celebrated biannually — the other occurrence being December 2 — the loveable mutt gets her turn in the spotlight on these days, and we celebrate what makes a mutt marvelous! Sit, stay, and we’ll explain:

– Mutts come in all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and kinds. Unlike a relatively predictable purebred dog, a mixed-breed dog is a unique blend of her different genetics–no two are alike! As with people, it’s the personality, not the pedigree, that matters.

– They are widely available. The majority of dogs at animal shelters and rescue facilities, approximately 80 percent in fact, are mixed-breed dogs.

– They are flexible. Mutts tend to adjust more easily to a variety of living conditions and households than their purebred counterparts who are usually bred with a specific purpose in mind.

– They tend to be more “even keel.” Many purebred dogs exhibit extremes in temperament and behavior. Mixed breed dogs often score better than purebreds in terms of friendliness, shyness, stability, aggression and protectiveness.

– They tend to be healthier. Their diverse gene pool makes mutts generally heartier and less susceptible to breed-specific diseases that many purebred dogs face. As a result they enjoy longer lifespans on average.

– Some mixed breeds have become so popular that they are now known as “designer dogs” and are in as much demand as the breeds from which they are derived. These include the Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Morkie, Puggle and the Cava-poo-chon — all dogs who, if you look past the cute names, would be considered in firm possession of their mutt-i-grees due to their mixed breed status.

– Mixed-breed dogs tend to cost less. The shelter adoption fee for a mutt is much less expensive than the price of a purebred pooch. That should get some tails wagging!

There are millions of these worthy and wonderful dogs waiting for a forever home! So as well as a celebration, National Mutt Day is also a lifesaving plea: these celebrations have a goal of rescuing 10,000 mixed-breed dogs. If you or someone you know is thinking about adding a four-legged friend to the family, consider adopting a mixed-breed dog. This simple choice can keep these animals from a life of languishing in our nation’s shelters, or worse, from being euthanized. Your unique canine companion could be waiting for you at your local shelter! And if you’re not ready or in a position to add a unique canine companion to your family today, you can still help those waiting for their fur-ever homes. Check in with our local shelter to volunteer your time to walk, play or care for the furry friends in their care, ask them what supplies they are in need of and make a donation of food or goods, or make a financial donation in honor of National Mutt Day so they can continue the work of matching these peerless pooches with perfect-for-them people!

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