Looking Sharp

Looking Sharp

We often think of putting our best foot forward in terms of putting on something special. But for your pet to put her best paw forward, all that’s needed is an appropriate grooming routine that keeps her healthy and looking sharp. And you don’t need to look any further to get your pet perfectly preened than our professional groomer.

Our professional groomer does more than just wash and brush your pet. In addition to a plethora of knowledge about appropriate haircuts for breeds and hair types, our groomer will also handle your pet from nose to tail. The benefit here is that potential issues such as lumps or bumps, dry skin patches, injuries or other abnormalities can be caught and brought to your attention so you can bring them to our attention and have them checked out and treated if needed. If your pet is seeing the groomer regularly, this means another pair of eyes keeping watch for small changes, catching them early and helping ensure they don’t become huge problems.

As part of the grooming process for all breeds, our groomer will trim nails to ensure they don’t become overgrown, pierce your pet’s paw pads or make walking painful. While this process may be a little intimidating for you, our groomer has the skills, tools and knowledge to make it quick for your pet and to ensure the nails are properly trimmed. Long nails can actually cause your pet enough pain when walking that she alters her gait, leading to the potential for problems with knees, hips and other joints. Trimmed nails reduce the potential for injury to your pet, damage to your carpet and upholstery, pain from getting an overgrown nail caught or torn on something and the likelihood of ingrown nails.

When you take care of your pet?s coat and nails, you also care for her skin and overall health. As a bonus, keeping your pet properly bathed and groomed makes for a sweeter-smelling companion who sheds less, is clean and comfortable, exhibits better behavior and is in the best possible mood. Mats or too-long nails can be painful, and this pain can affect your pet’s mood and behavior. Grooming helps avoid these issues and other side effects of poor grooming such as restricted vision, potential infections and stress.

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