Paw Pack Playtime

Paw Pack Playtime

So you think your dog could use a little more activity during the day, but you’re at work? What’s a busy pet parent to do? One option is to enroll your pup in our doggy daycare, but it’s not the right choice for every dog. How do you know if it’s the right choice for yours?

Know your dog’s temperament. First, it’s important to know that not every dog is suited for doggy daycare. Some are more introverted than others or don’t do well in larger groups. If your dog falls into either of these categories, it becomes especially important to take advantage of a trial visit to see how your dog reacts.

Know your dog’s health status. It may not be worth the risk for dogs who are experiencing health issues or who cannot be properly vaccinated. Knowing your dog’s health status is imperative to evaluating whether or not doggy daycare is a good option for your canine companion.

Know your dog’s behavior. Dogs who follow instructions well no matter who provides them are good candidates for doggy daycare. If your dog often disregards you or will only take commands from you, he’s more likely to be difficult for the staff at the doggy daycare and could wind up getting into trouble. Either way, it could become a situation that puts your dog, other dogs at the daycare or even the staff in harm’s way.

Know your dog’s preference. Some dogs are always ready for a new adventure or time with other four-legged friends while others prefer to be more of a couch potato. Knowing how much activity and excitement your dog prefers helps you make the decision that is right for both of you. Just because your dog is coming home tired doesn’t mean it is a “good” tired. Your furry friend could have spent the day stressed out or getting bullied all day, leaving him bone tired at pickup time.

Know who’s watching your dog. Make sure those in charge are trained in canine body language and appropriate ways to intervene if necessary. You want to conduct a similar evaluation to what you would if you were reviewing daycares for a two-legged child. Ask about the staff to dog ratio, what training and experience they have and how they handle various situations with the dogs in their care.

Know the facility. Is it clean and well-managed? Are there spaces for rambunctious play and spaces for quiet solitude? What about areas for time-outs if a dog gets too excited and needs to calm down? Are the building, grounds and any equipment or toys in good repair?

Know the program. Know how the facility structures the day: How much playtime is allotted, whether dogs play in groups and how those groups are determined, whether the dogs are taken out at regular intervals for potty breaks, when treats are offered and what those treats are, whether you’re allowed to bring in your own treats if theirs don’t meet your standards for your pup, and if time for napping is allotted and where those take place.

Know the standards. How are dogs evaluated? What vaccinations are required? Are participating pups required to be on flea and tick and heartworm preventives? Are there rules regarding dogs who show signs of illness such as kennel cough or canine influenza? What happens if a dog shows up in violation of any of the rules?

If you choose our doggy daycare, you’ll already be in the know for most of these items. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your dog is having fun with people you already trust to care for your dog and his health, and that our standards are in line with yours. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog’s doctor and trained staff are only steps away if they’re needed for any reason.

If you think doggy daycare may be the right choice for your dog’s excess energy, contact us to set up a time to bring your dog in for a visit. We’d love to have your furry friend come hang with us while you work!

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