Canine Influenza Update 4/26/18

Canine Influenza Update 4/26/18

Canine Flu has been in the US for several years, and there are 2 strains of flu (H3N2 and H3N8).  There are 3 confirmed cases in Carver county as of April 26, 2018.

Canine flu is a very contagious upper respiratory virus, easily spread among dogs.  Dogs most at risk include those that spend time with other dogs; at the dog park, boarding and daycare facilities, the groomer, and dog shows. Signs of Canine flu include coughing, nasal discharge, eye discharge, lethargy, decreased appetite, and fever.  Treatment includes supportive care to help the body fight the virus.  The illness is usually worse than kennel cough, and old, young, and dogs with chronic illnesses are at risk of more severe illness or even death. 

Our Canine Influenza Bivalent vaccine covers both strains of flu.  The vaccine is given by subcutaneous injection, and it is repeated 2-4 weeks later.  Then it is boostered annually.  Starting on May 15, 2018  we will be requiring it for all of our canine patients in boarding, daycare, grooming, and obedience. 

Please give us a call at 952.447.4118 if you have any questions.

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