It’s All About the FEET!

farrier shot x-rays

Radiographs of your horses’ feet are an important tool for developing a hoof care plan that will optimize long term soundness.  Radiography allows the veterinarian and farrier to work together to balance the foot.  Visual examination of the foot only provides part of the picture.  The radiograph shows the relationship of the bones within the hoof capsule.  Ideally we would do before and after shots, but if you only want to do one set the farrier’s choice would be right before trimming and or shoeing so they can make any adjustments that are necessary.  The after view just confirms that they did or didn’t get it just the way they want it.  60% of the weight of the horse is carried in the front end, so most of the problems we find are in the front feet.  The hind feet can also have issues.  Radiographs should be considered in the back feet if clinical examination indicates there may be a problem or if you have any concerns.  The good news is that our Equine Department at River Valley Veterinary Service now has complete digital x-ray.  That means we can take and see all of our radiographs in the field.  With this exciting new convenience comes a special pricing package that we feel will help you AND your horse.  We are now offering Farrier Shot X-Rays for $80.  This includes lateral (side view) and Dorsal palmar (front to back) views of both front feet.  If you choose to do the hind feet there would be an additional $80 fee.

Now that we have digital x-ray it is much easier for us to take these shots and make sure we have the perfect view (we used to have to bring them back to the clinic and develop them into digital images).  We can then email them to you and your farrier.  Call us today if you’d like to get Farrier Shots scheduled for your horse or if you have any questions.


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