Grooming Your Dog at River Valley Groom & Board

Grooming Your Dog at River Valley Groom & Board

Are you looking for a groomer in the Prior Lake area? River Valley Groom & Board is the perfect solution for you and your pet. Grooming for our pets goes beyond having a flowing coat or stylish haircut, impacting their overall health. Dirt and oils that accumulate under matted fur can cause skin infections, along with the mats themselves pulling and stretching the skin underneath, causing pain. While short-haired pets usually require brushing only once or twice each week, medium- and long-haired pets need daily brushings. This commitment should be taken into consideration when deciding what types or breeds of pets you wish to add to your family.

Dogs need regular baths to keep their skin and coat clean and healthy. Several factors go into how often your dog needs bathing, such as his lifestyle, breed and coat type. When bathing him at home, only use shampoos specifically for dogs; our human shampoo is too harsh for his skin. Cats generally take care of bathing themselves. However, some cats require bathing for fleas or a medical condition. If this happens with your cat, we will help with tips such as placing a towel in the bottom of the tub so your cat has something to sink her nails into, making her feel safer during the process, prior to you adding baths to her home grooming routine.

Regular nail trims are also essential to your pet’s grooming and overall health. Long nails can become painful for pets and hinder their ability to walk, in addition to potentially scratching floors and furniture. Most pets should have their nails trimmed every two to three weeks.

But we also understand that a deep grooming of your pet doesn’t always make it into your after work routine. In that case, our clinic has full grooming services, provided by the ones who know your pet as well as you do — us. Our professional groomers inspect your pet’s paws for cuts, thorns or punctures and refer your pet to our veterinarians to treat any injuries. In addition, our groomers are familiar with your pet’s anatomy and can let you and us know of any abnormalities they may see, such as lumps, lesions or bald patches. This also goes for fleas and other parasites generally not visible to you.

Regular grooming relaxes your pet if he’s used to it and gives him the same feeling you get with clothes fresh out of the dryer. If you have questions about grooming your pet or would like to set up a grooming appointment, contact us!

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