Safe Pet Toys

Safe Pet Toys

Selecting the right toy is the first step to preventing unexpected illnesses or injuries during playtime. But your work isn’t done once the toy is handed off to your pet. Pet parents have a responsibility to keep the toys they give their pets free of wear and tear that could pose a risk to a pet’s health and well-being.

Your pet’s toys will go a long way if you choose durable toys that can withstand your pet’s rough play and are free of bells and bangles that can come loose and pose a choking hazard. Nylon bones and durable rubber balls are among the favorites for dogs. Still, they should be replaced once they begin to deteriorate. Broken toys can cause choking injuries from loose pieces or eye and mouth injuries from sharp, jagged edges.

Some toys, especially kitty toys such as “fishing pole” toys and remote-control mice, should only be used with supervision and put out of reach when not in use. This will keep the toys in good working order and protect your pet from such dangers as choking or battery exposure.

Watch stuffed toys for tears. Stuffing can pose risks for your pet, including intestinal damage and choking. Once the stuffing is exposed, repair or replace the toy. Some plush toys are available without the stuffing, giving pet owners a safer alternative.

Homemade toys made from plastic water bottles, cardboard boxes and other household items should be monitored closely. Pets can easily tear pieces off these types of materials and should be prevented from swallowing them. Once they begin to break down, toss them.

Keep a watchful eye on your pet’s toys. A toy that looks safe today could pose a risk tomorrow after your furry friend has put it through its paces. If you’re uncertain about the safety of your pet’s toys, we can help.

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