This Ain’t So Easy Doc

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I think we all can attest that smelly dog kisses are just gross, yet when it comes to our beloved pooch there are just never enough affectionate slobbers.  We have all probably heard from our great entrusted canine docs that preach brush, brush, and brush.  In fact, they often sound like dentists…’floss, floss, and floss.’ Nissen

While it is true that there is no better preventative therapy from dental disease (aka…yuck mouth) than brushing our dogs teeth daily, there are some albeit rare products that can further aid in preventing dental disease.

The new dental rawhide chews at RVVS have an abrasive texture that helps prevents plaque and tartar build-up. We like this product so much that we have put our own River Valley Veterinary Service logo and brand on it! Of note, these dental chews and brushing are only going to prevent disease from accumulating, thus it’s very important that your dog’s teeth are already healthy.

For example, if your canine sidekick already has very irritated, reddened gums with significant plaque buildup with an odorous breath, then your hardworking dollars are better spent getting a professional cleaning than hoping these magic chews will get him an A+ from the doggy dentist.  Once his teeth are pearly white again, then back to brushing and RVVS dental chews he goes! 

Horse Side Vet Guide

Written by Dr. Kari Searcy on . Posted in RVVS Blog

Let’s be honest. The internet can be a scary place. We’ve all been on it, and it’s okay.preview full An App Just for Your Horse

Google became a verb in July of 2006. That was 10 years ago. Long gone are the days of the encyclopedia or even libraries (For those of you born after 1998 those are musky smelling buildings with lots of books in them). Regardless no matter which generation you identify with, we are all information hungry. From self-diagnosing to DIY projects, You-tube and Google are sources for information. And in all reality, they are not going anywhere.

So while we welcome the ease of information for both ourselves as veterinarians and our clients, we still want the best outcome for our patients. To supplement between those hungry Dr. Googler’s and talking to one of your fabulous veterinarians at River Valley, we support the use of an app called Horse Side Vet Guide.

This app was designed by an equine ambulatory veterinarian that gives insight between emergent and non-emergent issues. It also provides a tool for owners to get familiar with some terminology and communication between horse owner and veterinarian.

Get the app here:  http://horsesidevetguide.com/

Please download this app today for you and your horse. But as always, we at River Valley Veterinary Service are here to answer questions or concerns regarding your horse’s care and health.

Happy learning,

The RVVS Equine Team


Photo credit:  alexmanuel | iStock