Dr. Google

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Dr Google

The internet, aka Google, is a device that many of us turn to for immediate answers.  In fact in recent years the phrase ‘Googled’ is associated with answering questions from directions, food menus, and news trivia.  Google has become this other entity that has allowed us easy, ready to find information with just a few simple strokes of a keyboard.  While Google has advanced many millennials and even baby boomers ability to locate information, it’s all about how the material is interpreted and applied.

As a veterinarian, I definitely recommend a few websites for owners to use for information that are all ‘Googleable.’ Those include general websites that discuss specific pet ailments and preventative guidelines such as Pet Health Network, American Animal Hospital Association, American Association of Equine Practitioners, and American Association of Feline Practitioners.

All of the aforementioned groups are collaborative groups of veterinarians and animal health professionals providing information to owners for the betterment of their pets. Collectively, every veterinarian wants pet owners to be involved in their pet’s health; however, using Dr. Google to diagnose and treat pets at home can unfortunately lead to pets not receiving the most appropriate care in a timely manner.  Thus being proactive and having open communication when you and your pet are visiting your veterinarian yields the most beneficial health outcome! 



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Introducing a Safer Way to Dispose of Unused Medications

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Introducing a Safer Way to Dispose of Unused

River Valley Veterinary Service is pleased to let you know about the Scott County Medication Safety Program called Take it to the Box. This program is jointly funded by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, the Scott County Meth Task Force, and other local law enforcement agencies. You may anonymously dispose of unused prescription or over-the-counter medications for both people and pets. Our clinic understands that sometimes your pet may not finish all medication if his condition significantly improves or you need to switch to a different medication or dosage. Many people also abuse prescription drugs, including those intended for pets. This program not only attacks that problem directly, but is very convenient to Prior Lake residents.

Benefits of Using Take it to the Box

Most people throw their unused medications in the trash, which means they eventually end up in landfills. Other common disposal methods include flushing pills down the toilet or washing them down the sink. All of these methods can increase the stress on the environment. Also, some medications are potentially toxic if taken by anyone other than who it was prescribed to. In these situations, it’s best not to have it in the trash where a curious toddler or pet could get into it. Removing pills, sprays, inhalers, and other types of medications from the home is the safest course of action for everyone.

Where to Bring your Medications

You can find a drug disposal box in the main lobby of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office in Shakopee. The box is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other 24-hour locations participating in the program include:

●      Elko New Market City Hall

●      New Prague City Hall/Police Department

●      Prior Lake Police Department

●      Savage Police Department

Additionally, the Belle Plaine Police Department and Jordan City Hall accept drop-offs Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Where to Find More Information

Scott County lists detailed information about Take it to the Box on the Community Programs section of its website. This includes the types of drugs accepted and how to assure your anonymity when dropping them in the box. Illegal drugs and paraphernalia are accepted at all locations with no questions asked. You can also ask any staff member at River Valley Veterinary Service for information on the program or your pet’s medications in general.

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