Heartworm Heartache

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Heartworm is a serious, even potentially fatal disease that is transmitted to dogs and cats when they are bitten by an infected mosquito.

Like many diseases, heartworm may have few, if any, symptoms during its earliest stages. But once the infection takes hold, dog parents are likely to notice their pup having a persistent cough, being reluctant to exercise or play, and being winded after physical activity. Infected dogs may also have a decreased appetite, leading to weight loss. As the disease progresses, the dog may have a swollen belly due to excess fluid in his abdomen. Cat parents may see coughing, asthma-like issues, vomiting and loss of appetite. In very severe cases, dogs or cats can even die suddenly with few or no signs of prior illness.

Needless to say, pet parents never want to see their beloved pals suffering from these sorts of symptoms, and fortunately, they don't have to since heartworm can be easily prevented. A simple, routine preventive medication plan can protect your furry companions from infection by a mosquito carrier and the myriad of health problems that it causes. Let us help by conducting simple tests to confirm that your pets are currently heartworm free, then recommending a preventive medication routine that will keep them safe from heartworm infection year-round.

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